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For the past several years we have been practicing what was taught and portrayed to us as Take Sensei's aikido (called the TenShin Methodology) only to find out that it bares little or no resemblance  to what was/is taught by Take Sensei. I saw Kosa dori Nikyo, Kotegaeshi  so fast with little or no movement that it was blinding. I watch 6 of our students attack Calderon Sensei at full speed and he controlled and evaded them with ease, not by running around in a circle but by controlling them. This was not choreographed in any way and it was amazing.

What I found most refreshing is his down to earth personality and his gentleness on the mat.  He continually trains himself as well as trains along side his students. He allows his  Aikido to do the talking, and it speaks very loudly. He is warm, friendly, kind, courteous, and very soft spoken. I am proud to call him Sensei and dear friend.

Calderon Sensei is Take Sensei highest ranking Deshi, he is not one of those federation types that  has attended 4 or 5 of Take Senseiís weekend seminars, or posts out dated letters on a website, or mysteriously sends in 4th dan paper work. He has trained with and has a true relationship with Take Sensei that others can only dream of.

If you are truly looking to study Take Sensei Aikido (TenShin methodology) than you owe it to your self to  contact Calderon Sensei and either visit his dojo in Chico California, or have him visit your dojo as a guest instructor as we did.

Don't be fooled by some instructors claiming to teach you their self-proclaimed "pure Tenshin aikido." There is no such thing, there is only Take Sensei's Aikido.

So if your current so called TenShin Aikido instructor tells you  not to contact Calderon Sensei or your out of his little association/federation/group, then that should tell you that something is wrong, and without a doubt it is what he is teaching as Take Sensei's Aikido.

Video, Calderon Sensei & Jeremy, Irimi Nage click here!

Past Seminars Read More >>> Isoyama Shihan Seminar, Oct 2005 • Calderon Sensei Seminar, July 2006