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Name:  Brandon Needham
Date:  25 Jul 2006


I wanted to say that after attending the Calderon Sensei seminar, I have gained new enlightenment into Aikido and Take Sensei's methodology as well.  It was truly an eye opener. It is clear to me that the so called Tenshin Aikido we learned from the TAF is not, nor will ever be Take Sensei's Aikido (Tenshin Methodology). One thing that cannot be stressed enough is the truth and honesty in the training and the way techniques are applied.

Calderon Sensei is a very kind and sincere person and I enjoyed spending time with him and getting to know him on a personal level.  I feel I have been searching my whole life for someone that can show me the true budo and I have finally done it.  Thank you Calderon Sensei for not only opening my eyes but allowing me the honor of being in your presence because you have humbled me in many ways.

Name: J. Kincaid
Date: 06 Apr 2006


Judging from your sight, I can say that your dojo appears to be a straight forward and no nonsense training environment. Your FAQ section tells it like it is, which is not something many sensei will do when it comes down to actual self defense.

I currently train in the New Jersey area but if I make it to Washington State I would love to come and check you guys out.

Name: D. Sanders
Date: 01 Mar 2006


I have been looking for what is true TenShin Aikido as taught by Take Sensei for some time and all I have found is much controversy until I read the link from your website to the Aikido Yoshin Dojo article on TenShin Aikido and Take Sensei. I have visited your website on many occasions and found your thoughts very open and truthful. It made perfect sense. I hope to to visit the State of Washington and visit your dojo some day. Sincerely Yours, Don Sanders

Name: Brandon Needham
Date: 11 Jul 2005


As a student of martial arts for over 20 years, I am pleased to be part of a no non-sense style of Aiki. In the past I have trained in Aiki arts that although I may have attained rank, I had no practicality in self defense. I am pleased an honored to be apart of the combat oriented style of Aikido/Aikijujitsu that Tenchin Budo Kai offers. I recommend this style to anyone who wants to get away from the dance versions out there and get back to martial training. Thank you Sensei Ani and Sensei Eggleston for your time and guidance. Sincerely, B. Needham

Name: Don Thompsen
Date: 08 Jun 2005


I was referred to your website by a friend and I am thoroughly impressed with not only your website but your FAQ section. It tells it like it is. If I ever get up to Washington State I will definitely stop by and check you guys out. Sincerely D. Thompsen

Name: RenShiSan
Date: 20 Apr 2005


To study a Japanese Art you must study every thing about the Art just because you are from another culture or an older person you can not skip the protocol and just go to technique you will miss allot. When you find a teacher and you ask him to be your teacher you are asking him that you want to follow his teaching and grow with him as his student. This is a big step for you and if you are not aware of your reasonability or ignore these reasonability do to your ego then you have no idea what it take to really learn the Art in which you are seeking.

Name: S. Swanson
Date: 17 Apr 2005


I would like to thank you for your comments in the FAQ section of your website. I decided to start training in Aikido and was going to join the closest dojo to my home. The day before I was going to join I came across your website and read your FAQ comments about joining just any Aikido dojo. Anyway the bottom line is the dojo I joined is 5 miles farther away from my home but the instructor is very inspirational and he too suggested if I would like to go ahead and check out some other Aikido schools to compare. You FAQ section really is informative. Thank you.

Name: David Ikea
Date: 12 Apr 2005


I find the comments in FAQ section very interesting. Here in Hawaii most of the instructors abilities are reflective of thier prespective ranks but I have seen a few that are not. You FAQ page is the first time I have seen anyone dare mention this fact. Keep up the good work. Your honesty in Aikido is refreshing.

Name: Steven Meyers
Date: 11 Apr 2005


I really like your website. I have told several friends of mine who study Aikido here in New York with me to visit your website. For sure the combat style of Aikido is hard to find at our dojo we do some but I wish we would do a lot more.

Name: Scott Michaels
Date: 11 Apr 2005


I like your comments in the faq section. I have joined an Aikido dojo in the past based on the instructors rank and his lineage and was very disappointed.

Name: Nicole Jakeman
Date: 06 Apr 2005


The website looks great!