WAD Students attend
Isoyama Shihan seminar

Several of our students, Ani Sensei (Heather) and Eggleston Sensei attend Isoyama Shihan's seminar on October 29th and 30th, 2005 at the Lakewood YMCA

Isoyama Shihan as always is a very hands on and technically precise master Aikido instructor "Shihan."  I have been fortunate to train under him several times and he is truly an inspirational Shihan.

All of our students and instructors who attend, most of them for the first time, were all extremely impressed. Check back here later to read our student's comments on the seminar.
Isoyama Shihan in the back ground Ani Sensei (Heather) in front. Heather Sensei being Uke for Isoyama Shihan
Paul and Carl participating in Suwari Waza at Isoyama Shihan's seminar Heather Sensei being Uke for Isoyama Shihan
Isoyama Shihan and Ani Sensei Izuma Sensei, Isoyama Shihan, Ani Sensei, Jason Sensei.
Art pictured with Isoyama Shihan in Japan Click on image for larger picture
A young Art received his 1st Kyu directly from Isoyama Shihan. The WAD is extremely proud that Art chose the WAD to train with Art today with Isoyama Shihan, October 2005

More pictures to come!
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