The pictures below is a pictorial history of our dojo and its members.

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Ani Sensei (Heather) demonstrating how a good Uke works with the Nage.



Ani Sensei (Heather) completing Katate Dori Tenkan.
Ani Sensei  (Heather) giving Ernesto an open handed atemi. Eggleston Sensei  giving Powell Sensei  a friendly atemi to the face while Santos Sensei looks on.

Powell Sensei  executing Ryo Kata Dori Kokyunage.



Powell Sensei  executing Katate Dori Tenkan Kokyunage on Eggleston Sensei.

Uke (Powell Sensei ) demonstrating Ushiro Sutemi. Sempi Ernesto giving Norm Steffke some
 pointers. (Rowling Sensei  to left)
Santos Sensei executing Ryo Kata Dori Kokyunage. Ernesto Sempi is the Uke.


Santos Sensei demonstrating a proper atemi before executing Ryo Kata Dori Kokyunage.
Isoyama Shihan and Ani Sensei (Frank). Sensei Ani (Heather when she was a brown belt) also pictured her sister Lauralee Ani, also a brown belt
Santos Sensei's first seminar group picture, Feb-Mar 2003 at the Lakewood YMCA. Santos Sensei 2nd seminar group picture, June 2003.

Santos Sensei's 3rd Training Seminar and Promotion test March, 2004. Washington Aiki Dojo have been training TenShin Aikido for over a year now and our membership keeps on growing.
More >>> WAA Dojo Pics 1 • WAA Dojo Pics Cont. 2 • Soren Sorenson