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What is value for your training dollar?
By Frank K. Ani, Jr.

Recently I have noticed several advertisements justifying excessive joining and monthly dojo fees by stating the value you are given for such fees. What I found curious is that these values are pretty much  what you should be receiving at any decent dojo with regards to clean mats, secured parking, black belt instructors, etc. offered.

What I found most interesting is that they never mention the quality of instruction you will receive, as well as recommend that you go out and compare other dojos and instructors/instruction in your local area.

In Aikido and any other martial arts the real value is in the instructor, not his/her rank, or his/her affiliations, or even his/her lineage. If the instructor can not properly demonstrate or articulate a technique to you so that you can understand and eventually utilize the technique should the time arise all the clean mats, secured parking, and 250 years of combined black belt instruction has absolutely no value to you what so ever.

Again I will advise you to go to our FAQ section when you are considering joining the WAD or any other martial arts school.